RICS Building Survey and Drones

RICS Building Survey and Drones

Recently, we undertook a couple of RICS building survey inspections and used the services of a professional drone pilot. I thought that it was easy task initially – purchase a drone from Argos  – connect it to the i pad and off we go. After my experiences of landing a borrowed drone on a passing taxi “some time ago” it was decided that we would partner with a profesisonal drone pilot, David Askew, who is based in Lancashire but travels outside of the region. The results are simply outstanding but in equal measures the restrictions and regulations in force are sobering!

For this flight the drone has two controllers and receives it’s live HD feed using 2 iPads which are directly connected to each controller. The pilot is able to view either the feed from the camera or a feed from an FPV camera (First Person View) on the front of the aircraft. This way the pilot can view the direction the aircraft is travelling and the payload operator (camera man) can control which way the camera faces. This allows us to shoot much more complex shots.

It supports obstacle avoidance technology front, below and above as well as advanced tracking features to follow targets. It has 2 batteries but can fly on one and supports flight times up to 27 minutes with the X4S camera, but with the X5S you will be looking at more like 22 minutes. It also boasts speeds impressive speeds of up to 94kmph in sport mode.

Contact details of the professional we used is: https://www.dronemediauk.com/contact/

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