A defect survey focuses on a specific problem or suspected defect identified by the client relating to a property or building. Defect surveys are flexible and can be aimed at any particular issue identified in a property. Defect analysis is suitable for any type of residential or commercial property.

Defect surveys may be useful if you are purchasing a property and are unsure about the condition or remediation of a specific element. Additionally, a defect survey can prove useful if you are a homeowner and an issue has arisen in your property that needs clarification and guidance.

Specific defect reports can sometimes be more appropriate and economical for the client as oppose to a full comprehensive building inspection such as a Homebuyer or Building survey. The scope for defect analysis is vast and can include a multitude of building elements. To give some indication as to the scope, the following items provide an overview of building elements that could be considered suitable for a specific defect report:

  • Structural concerns (i.e. cracking and building movement)
  • Chimney stacks and detailing defects
  • Roof environ defects (i.e. the covering or the structure)
  • Rainwater gutters and downpipe defects
  • Main wall concerns
  • Issues relating to extensions, conservatories, porches and other building work
  • Dampness within a property
  • Other problematic external factors (i.e. retaining walls, trees and vegetation)

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