Spotted on a Survey: Lintel Failure!

Spotted on a Survey: Lintel Failure!

Whilst carrying out a residential property inspection this morning, one of our graduate surveyors spotted a significant defect known as 'Lintel Failure'.

Lintels are a vital structural component of a building as they support the weight of any structure above an 'opening' i.e. windows or doorways. When 'failure' of a lintel occurs it presents a risk of pattern cracking as can be seen in the image above.

Lintel failure is a common defect noted to residential properties, there are various causes of lintel failure such as lintel deterioration, weak/inadequate lintels and the removal/replacement of windows and worksmanship errors.

It should be noted however, not all cracking to lintels or around window/door reveals is directly related to lintel failure. Sometimes other structural issues such as settlement and subsidence can lead to the cracking of lintels that can cause similar pattern cracking.

Lintel failure can lead to costly repairs and early diagnosis could potentially reduce the eventual remediation cost.