Clients want an independent appraisal of the property they are purchasing from an experienced local Chartered Surveyor, they want good advice and they want value for money.

If you want to discuss matters relating to the type of survey you may need then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will try to provide you with some initial guidance on the different types of survey available, without obligation. We have 25 years proven experience in Lancashire providing RICS valuations and surveys for all manner of residential and commercial property.

It will be OK to call in or to discuss the scope, extent and suitability of reports, how much they will cost and the time frame for inspection and report delivery, your plans for the property and also your concerns. This will help you to understand the level of work and input your surveyor will be putting into the commission on your behalf. We can also discuss matters relating to defects, the reasoning why further investigations may be needed, preparation of plans and specifications, research and the co ordination and selection of contractors if required.

The RICS Building Survey is a detailed report on the condition of a property and is the flagship product of the RICS and is delivered in two formats:

1. The Practice Note version.
2. The Guidance Note version.

The more recent residential Practice Note takes the form of a traffic light system which is consistent with the other RICS products such as the Condition and Homebuyer Reports. It is convenient and well laid out for the client to interpret. Surveyors undertaking practice note versions of the building survey must follow the strict framework dictated by the RICS.


Building Survey

Traffic Light System


The Guidance Note on the other hand is bespoke and is normally produced in a word document with schedule of photographs. Additional input by way of valuation, cost estimates for repairs, design work, briefing documentation, environmental reports, radon gas reports etc can be provided.